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McFarmer - general information

As the owner of the trademark rights to McFarmer and owner of the eponymous real estate Internet portal assigns the group aavy an international license with territorial area protection for your country.

McFarmer is a totally new path in real estate sales. McFarmer one hand, the international real estate broker partners. Where accredited real estate brokerage jointly convey property , so-called community business with the brokerage division . On the other hand, a system of main and side-job intermediaries and especially shop partners , the partners perform the teinehmenden brokers regularly prospects. This works on a regional level , for several areas and internationally.

McFarmer is a specialized niches provider with a unique selling point in the marketing of Agriculture and Forestry real estate, Agricultural goods of all kinds, forest , forestry , hunting areas , own hunts, Forstgut , water , arable and grassland, plots , farm , Farms, Farms , rest houses, barns, granaries , stables , equestrian facilities , ponds, Abgrabungsgelände for sand and gravel, gravel pits up to the manor , manors, castles, palaces .

As McFarmer broker partner National for your country you are the only rights holders and licensees of the country domain .

As McFarmer broker partner National [ nbsp ] You are entitled to grant sub- licenses for areas to regional broker partners. As the state licensee you are entitled to 50 % of agency fees of each transaction .

Your state license costs 25 % of the portion of your income , but not less than 5,000.00 euros per year. Your duties include the translation of websites in your own language , the raising of offers to sell and the marketing in your country.


Please inform yourself directly under : about current features and offers. About the subdomain distribution is organized .


We look forward to a personal interview at our office in Berlin. Please use for initial contact recording our e-mail form .


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